Moving ON


I have been trying to sort out my feelings about the demise of my journal at JS. I started it 5 years ago and it helped me though some really difficult times but I find that I am not as devastated as I anticipated being. I miss JS and it’s format. I miss the people most of all. Slowly though I am reconnecting with them in their new journal homes. I find that the thing I miss most about JS is the ease of use I experienced at that site. I am grateful for all that JS added to me personally and all the people I have met through JS. Now I will continue here and at The two journals will basically be mirrors of each other. I am slowly gathering some of my more favorite posts from the past via the google cache. I will be posting them and back dating them here as I find them. I hope to see all of my old friends soon and make many new ones as well.



About backroadrambler

What to say about myself? I currently live in New Orleans where I attend NOBTS (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary). I am originally from TX and moved here by way of the MS gulf coast. I lived in Biloxi and moved here after Katrina. I call my journal Take two because it seems that a lot of things in my life are do overs right now. This is my second stab at higher education, my second journal, and the next chapter in my life after Katrina. There is probably a lot more that I could say but I think that if it really needs saying; it will come out in time through my journal. In the meantime I hope you enjoy what you read. RW

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