I work at a storage rental company. Specifically I am the custodian for the said storage units. I have been working there for a short time now and I have seen a lot of stuff that people store. Mostly though, I see the things they leave behind after they leave. It is my job to clean out the units so that it will be clean for the next customer who comes along. Some of the stuff is funny, some of it is interesting, and occassionally the things I find are just nasty but all of it tells me something about the people that rented the unit.

Usually cleaning up the unit isn’t all that hard. It’s just a matter of sweeping it out and slapping a lock on the door with the date that I cleaned and inspected it. Occasionally though, I come across a really big job and then I try to bribe some of the guys to help me out by letting them pick though and keep anything they find interesting. I found a unit like that a while back and Ray helped me clean it out. For his trouble he was able to bring home an old air conditioning unit that he said he could fix and a nice pair of dress shoes for his wife. They looked like they had never been worn and he said they were just her size. Ray considerately asked me if I wanted them first but I declined. They were not my size, style, or color. One of them also had a dead mouse in it. I think Ray was a little surprised when I observed that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to tell his wife about the mouse but after some thought he agreed that maybe it would be better if she didn’t know.

This week I found another unit and I went looking for Ray. I came with me to inspect the unit and right away he discovered a large shoe box filled with condoms. He pounced on it immediately with a joyful cry, “condominiumumums”! I started to tell him that a condominium was a place where you live or it might be an investment but what he had in his hands wasn’t condominiums. Then I realized that for him this one area of his life was where he lived and that these were an investment to him. So instead I said that it probably would be a good idea to use them since they had been stored in a non climate controlled unit and had probably been weakened by the temperature extremes if they had been there very long. He just took the box and said these are enough to last me a year and happily left with his treasure. It took me most of two days to clean that unit. Next time I see a box of condominiumumumus, I will save them until after the work is done!



About backroadrambler

What to say about myself? I currently live in New Orleans where I attend NOBTS (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary). I am originally from TX and moved here by way of the MS gulf coast. I lived in Biloxi and moved here after Katrina. I call my journal Take two because it seems that a lot of things in my life are do overs right now. This is my second stab at higher education, my second journal, and the next chapter in my life after Katrina. There is probably a lot more that I could say but I think that if it really needs saying; it will come out in time through my journal. In the meantime I hope you enjoy what you read. RW

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