The weather has really been beautiful here in the south these last few days. It was so beautiful yesterday that I threw my cares to the wind and loaded my kayak in my truck. A friend and I headed across Lake Pontchartrain to Mandeville and explored the bayous together. It was a wonderful afternoon. I didn’t actually see the turtle pictured above yesterday. I took that picture several months ago but I did see turtles and an alligator or two. The next time I go I plan to bring my camera with me so that I can catch some of the sights at the marinas and along the banks. I have not ever been around marinas much and certainly not from the water side. I found the smells, sights, and sounds fascinating. The people are a treat to be around as well. They are friendly and seem to have an adventurous outlook on life.

The one sour note in the whole day was when we paddled around a bend and came upon a flock of dead ducks floating in the water. Feathers were everywhere and it was pretty grisly. I counted at least 15 ducks in the water and a few out of the water as well. It looked like some nitwit just got out there with his gun and started shooting. I really hated that. It was sad to see such a waste of life and beauty.

I know that this is only a pleasant interlude; we still have February to go and that is usually the coldest month here. Today was a quiet and restful time and I am glad my friend talked me into going. I wish all of you could have been there too.



About backroadrambler

What to say about myself? I currently live in New Orleans where I attend NOBTS (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary). I am originally from TX and moved here by way of the MS gulf coast. I lived in Biloxi and moved here after Katrina. I call my journal Take two because it seems that a lot of things in my life are do overs right now. This is my second stab at higher education, my second journal, and the next chapter in my life after Katrina. There is probably a lot more that I could say but I think that if it really needs saying; it will come out in time through my journal. In the meantime I hope you enjoy what you read. RW

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