A Good Day


My day was a little unusual today. I have been sick the last couple of days but I began to feel better yesterday afternoon. So much so, that I decided to accept a movie invitation with friends last night. I arrived early so we went shopping before the movie and of course we had to stop for a bite to eat. We went to see “Bedtime Storys”. It was cute and funny. By the time the movie was over though, I was more than exhausted so I quickly accepted an invitation to stay the night rather than drive home. This morning I was awakened by a determined and demented blue jay repeatedly flying into the window. She would fly at the window and peck at it all the way down until she came to rest on the air conditioning unit. After a moments rest she repeated the process. When I first heard the pecking I thought that I must have overslept and my host had come to knock on my door. I called, “come in” as I snuggled down into the bed against the cold. No one came in and in a few minutes the knocking started again. Again I called, “come in” and again no one came. The third time it happened I finally opened my eyes and realized that the sun was not even up yet. I staggered out of bed and confronted this bird. She didn’t like the looks of me and flew a short distance away. I gently explained that she should leave, there were cats in the house and it was too early for any decent living being to be up. She didn’t believe me and I finally fell asleep again in spite of the pecking at the window. Later when I went downstairs, I spied her giving me the evil eye from the seat of the tractor parked on the side of the house.

I soon finished eating a quick bite of toast provided by my host and was on the road again. Today was my first day at my new job! I am working in the CIV dept. here on campus now. I am really pumped about it too! Today was on the job training. I learned how to turn on and set up all the equipment and how to handle the cameras while class was in session. It was awesome. Not only do I get this cool job where I get to sit in on these amazing classes but I get paid for it too! I think that this job will more than make up for the other job which is less than mentally stimulating. All in all, it was a really good day.



About backroadrambler

What to say about myself? I currently live in New Orleans where I attend NOBTS (New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary). I am originally from TX and moved here by way of the MS gulf coast. I lived in Biloxi and moved here after Katrina. I call my journal Take two because it seems that a lot of things in my life are do overs right now. This is my second stab at higher education, my second journal, and the next chapter in my life after Katrina. There is probably a lot more that I could say but I think that if it really needs saying; it will come out in time through my journal. In the meantime I hope you enjoy what you read. RW

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